December Mood

December Mood | Nothing but good vibes from here. Sharing a few things I’ve learned to prepare for the new year.

I know its been a while since I’ve done one of these, but how is the year already coming to a close?  

This year for me has been a much needed reality check - seriously. It’s made me realize just how much I’ve grown and stretched me in ways I didn’t think possible. I’ve accomplished some goals, didn’t finish a few to-do lists and put my work out there. I’ve also realized how lazy I am when it comes to my goals. Consistency is forever work in progress.

I’ve talked many times about how to jumpstart your year and the importance of goal setting in my life. I think one mistake people (myself included) always make is thinking that goals have to be limited, when they really don’t. Recently listened to one of my favorite podcast, The Friend Zone, and they spoke to my soul.

The episode was titled “Keep That Same Energy” with Maryam Hasnaa, and it opened my eyes even more to understanding manifestation and frequency. The points they discussed about negative energy were something I struggled with for a long time and am finally coming to terms with. It allowed me to think through my own issues and manifest what I actually want without limitations. Here are a few things I reflected on and am planning to manifest in the new year:


+ Understood the importance of family. Recognized the value in raw, authentic friendships and those that weren’t. Again.

+ Stopped limiting my goals and thought BIG. Didn’t quite execute these goals.

+ Found solitude within myself, and loved and appreciated her more than I ever have before.

+ Created a content calendar of work I’m passionate about. I've already planned up until my summer of 2019. Batch posting has saved my life.


December Mood | Nothing but good vibes from here. Sharing a few things I’ve learned to prepare for the new year.


+ Put myself first. I am a nurturer at heart, but my time is important and I can’t continue to waste it on the same things or people that I used too.

+ Stop over planning and start executing. So glad I completed my content calendar, but I want to move things from drafts to uploads - just need to start.

+ Appreciate my progress instead of telling myself what I didn’t accomplish. There is a difference between appreciation and acceptance in your journey. I know that my situation is temporary and plan to humble myself more. More gratitude, daily, is the goal.  

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