25 Things I've Learned at 25

25 Things I’ve Learned at 25 | Life lessons after a quarter century.

I feel like in life there are several ages we view as monumental in our lives, twenty-five being one of them. For me, I felt like I was going through a quarter-life crisis on the days/months leading up to my actual birthday. In the past, I’ve written a bucket list of goals I wanted to achieve. Some I’ve reached and others not so much. I feel that I’m now in a better place to share my thoughts on the things I’ve learned at 25.

1. The path is almost never straight  
2. Time is a luxury
3. Be yourself
4. Its ok to talk about your feelings
5. People say they love you, but love is defined differently by people
6. Protect your energy
7. Make yourself a priority not an option
8. Friendships will leave you and thats ok
9. Situation-ships are just that. A situation, push through and move on.
10. Be presentable
11. Understand the lesson in all that you do
12. Budget your coins or lose them
13. Don’t overthink it
14. You are valued
15. Don’t put up with bullsh*t, period.
16. He who angers you controls you
17. Find people who match your energy and keep them
18. Family matters, a lot
19. Be present
20. Keep authentic people close
21. Your health is important
22. You can remain in a dark place, but don’t stay there
23. A smile never hurt anybody
24. Your intuition is right 99.9% of the time
25. Take care of you

Any lessons you’ve learned at your specific age?


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