21 Days of Change

21 Days of Change | A list of small changes I'd like to make habits someday. Here goes nothing.

I want to challenge each and every one of you.

For the next 21 days (and hopefully a lifetime) we're working to improve our lives. We want things to change in our lives, but how do we hold ourselves accountable? When was the last time you tried something you've been dreaming of, like really tried it? For me it was continuing this blog. I drifted away from writing for a while because it didn't feel like writing anymore, but I decided to bounce back and figure this thing out.

What are some small changes you'd like to see to make your life better? You know yourself best and what’s best for you. And if you don't now is the time to start. Here are a few small changes I plan to make and continue throughout my life.

Drink a gallon of water a day Sleep at least 6-7 hours per night (Lately I've only been getting about 3-4) Post on social media once a day Protect my space (and energy too.) Learn something weird or new Continue to drink kombucha or apple cider vinegar to improve my health Make my bed, EVERY morning Read a new book weekly  Finish the books I already have Save my coins Spend more time alone Value friendships more, be present Stop avoiding people and learn to be social Keep up the meal prep Make an effort to check in with family Remove toxic people, spaces and things Write down feelings, and talk about them

If you’re feeling inspired, check out my previous post about improving your everyday life in meaningful ways and keep up with my journey.

What are a few habits you're working to build? List them below.