How I Lost Weight in 3 Months

  How I Lost Weight in 3 Months| Sharing tips on how I lost pounds, improved my overall health and gained more self confidence. Read more on the blog.

We were hoping what felt like the longest January ever to end and now we're three months in. Crazy right? As you know, I've been on a journey towards better health, wellness and overall life.

I'm always sharing my latest meals and occasional workout stories on instagram, but realized I haven't really blogged about it. I want to use my blog and platform to document my fitness journey to encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. I am not a fitness guru, but I definitely think it is important to make healthier choices.

Late last year I found myself on a scale and the numbers read 224 pounds!!! Y'all. I was so embarrassed because for me, I was always a smooth 150-160 depending on if I gained muscle or not. I put on almost 80 pounds in a little over the year. This was more than my freshman 25 weight and I realized something had to change.

Not only this, but I lost a few family members a long the way due to health issues which made me want to change my lifestyle even more. I even started having health concerns and needed a reality check. Looking back I could blame it on my stressful job which led to emotional eating, but ultimately it all comes down to taking responsibility and holding myself accountable. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the very beginning of my journey last Fall in 2017 or when I was at my heaviest due to embarrassment - I was good at hiding it though. However, here are a few check in photos from this year so far.


*insert embarrassing weight photos here*


How I Lost Weight in 3 Months| Sharing tips on how I lost pounds, improved my overall health and gained more self confidence. Read more on the blog.


In the last couple of months, I've been more disciplined and I've seen results thus far. I am a firm believer that drastic weight loss isn't always the best and should happen naturally. No waist trainers, surgery or even tummy teas for me. I'm not knocking anyone who uses these, but I want to see how far I can go without anything else. Looking back at these photos, I can't believe I allowed myself to put on this much weight so quickly. Luckily, my stomach doesn't bloat as much and slowly coming down. To help me reach my goals, I decided to focus on three key things to commit to my goals:



Anything you do in life is fueled by the power of your mind - it's okay you can quote me. Seriously though, this is where your journey begins. When you realize that it's all about your mind to achieve your fitness journey goals, your actions will begin to shift. You'll make conscious decisions on your food choices and plan to be active. A tip for me is to schedule my workout times in advance this way I can plan around them - I place emphasis on this task as if it's a non-negotiable.


Portion Control

At some point, I was doing the whole egg whites for breakfast and my body didn't seem to agree with it. So I've been opting for smoothies and oatmeal instead. I'm also cutting out fast food,  junk and sweets. For the most part, I don't buy fast food or drink sodas - I've never enjoyed that burning feeling. However, I do tend to eat a lot of carbs: breads and pastas are my kryptonite. When I realized this, I made an effort to cut these items out of my meal and purchased meal prep containers. These have been essential to my journey due to the lack of time I have throughout the week. My meals are super simple and I don't mind the repition. I'll always opt for baked protein, majority of greens and always a sweet potato.

Fitness Journey | Sharing tips on how I lost pounds, improved my overall health and gained more self confidence. Read more on the blog.




My initial goal was 2-3 times a week, but to see real results I need to amp it up to six. I want to see optimal results on my fitness journey and to achieve my goals this is a requirement. I highly recommend you determine what works best for your body, but for me I NEED cardio. No weights, no toning, just good ole fashion running and burning. Luckily on days when I can't motivate myself, my local gym has workout classes that can amp up my energy.

So, here I am back on a mission. A mission to a stronger, healthier me. I didn't hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist because in part I'm still a broke post-grad student and because I'm stubborn.  I actually don't have a goal weight, but I know how I want my body to look. I don't even want abs - at least right now - I just want to be healthy and fit my clothes again.

I am so excited for my new fitness journey and I can't wait to share my results! I will be back at my six month mark and share updates with you all.