November Mood

  November Mood | This month's inspiration and prelude to the month ahead.

I've been slacking in the creative space lately and mood boards have always been my go-to for occasional inspiration. This month feels cozy, and I needed a calm mood as this year has been crazy.

When I think about November I think of cold weather, sweaters, piling up on scarves and winter booties, and being near the end of a year. While we know the new year is about a month away, November is still a season of reflection.


+ I received confirmation for 2018. This time next year will involve a new mental, physical and emotional space - excited to share with you, but later. At this point in my life, I have began to chart out my realistic goals within the next year. I'll be 25 and amongst other things, it's time I redefine my priorities. Whew.  I became more motivated and inspired about the rest of 2017. I have been in a bit of a funk for the past few months, and these newfound ideas helped lift me out of it and change my attitude.

+ I purchased winter clothes, well more. I mention this because this Georgia weather is all over the place. I layer occasionally, but real scarves, thermals and gloves never seemed serious to me. And then I got sick. For what felt like the entire month of October, I was bed ridden with only klennex and good sleep. I know your clothing or lack of doesn't make you sick, but me not taking this weather seriously put a toll on my body. I became more prone to colds and infections, sigh. Anyways, I'm super happy about my purchases and will definitely always keep a coat from now on.

+ I became serious about my health again, for real this time. Not just because I was sick, but partially. Why is it so damn hard to be consistent in life sometimes? I came to the realization that honestly, I'm just lazy. I've been slacking in all areas of my life and it began to show. So here's to reaching my body goals and pushing myself to new heights.

+ I paid my bills on time and invested my money. Two bittersweet things.



+ This month I’m planning to spend a lot of time with family and friends. Things are changing and I'm beginning to get back into the swing of things. Therefore all of my free-time is being spent with those who love me most and for good reason.

+ It's my hair-anniversary, again. So this time last year, I chopped off all of my locks and rocked a buzz cut. I wore it out a few times, posted a few tutorials and have now opted for protective styles due to this cold weather. Updates coming soon.

Hope you all have a great month ahead!