Saturday Mornings // NO. 3

It’s finally feeling like Fall and I couldn’t be happier to trade in my flats for boots and oversized sweaters. Although I am not apart of the Pumpkin spice craze, I have purchased a few fall-themed candles. Aside from the scents and cooler weather, a new month means a start of a new season. Transitions are always a good thing and its time to re-commit and revamp for your season.


+ How to stop freaking out on Sundays and be ready for the week ahead.

+ Apparently women are leaving STEM fields and we need to understand why.

+ In love with the new record by the ever so amazing, Solange

+ Creating meaningful content for these 10 viewers can increase your views.

+ The reason Evelyn of the Internets is queen of commentary and accurate reviews.

+ Depriving yourself of sleep can destroy your brain?

+ Shopping for a good cause is always a plus, especially since its #BreastCancerAwareness Month

+ And again, Solange.