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Lust + Love | A list of things I'm loving this month. 6 am Mornings: College was my night owl phase, but now that I'm older I’ve become such an early bird. While I've been coined as "Grandma Rae" and "Mama Rae" by my friends, I think 10:30 is a pretty good time to call it a night, no? I normally begin my day with a morning meditation/prayer and cup of tea - I've been enjoying cranberry pomegranate right now.

Embracing Color: I’ve been so inspired to step out of my neutral comfort zone and try out new colors for the summer  (as you’ve probably seen on my instagram) and I’m loving it! While I still love my neutrals, I want to shake things up and go bold.

Traveling: I traveled a lot first places this summer. I went to Miami, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Mexico all in one week! Thank you to Carnival Cruise for an amazing time! Not only did we eat and drink, but we explored everything! I talked a bit about my adventure here.

Plants: I'm sure everyone is following the cacti terrarium, aloe leaves and succulent trend by now. There is something so minimal and effortless about seeing these. However, I opt for plastic indoors because my roommate and I can't stand gnats - let's save story time for the moment I had several plants in my home and attracted bugs. I'm still in the process of decorating my place, so you'll definitely see an update soon.

Traphouse Jazz: My two favorite things combined in one! If you've been following me, you'd know I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and enjoy everything. I was first connected through listening to Masego, who's definitely worked his way into my top five artist in 2016. Give him a listen!

What and who are you loving right now? I’d love to know, so comment down below!


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