Dear 23, Are You an Adult yet?

Dear 23, Are You an Adult yet? | A somewhat letter to myself in honor of my birthday. Dear 23, You arrived quicker than I expected.

I'm not one to celebrate birthdays much these days, but you feel like a milestone.  I even wrote a goals list for you. I've always imagined 25 being my big moment you know one where you can't stop thinking about where you'll be. I thought that at 23 all of my dreams, goals and aspirations would be in fruition by now. In reality, I hadn't thought about what I truly wanted to do until now. I thought adulthood would’ve started when I turned twenty-one or when I could actually rent a car without additional fees, I’ve somewhat been ignoring it… and now here 23 comes along.

I’d like to think I'm ambitious and sometimes a bit responsible, but the other requirements that come with adulthood… well, those need some help. You know I am a list-type person and I create goals all the time. For me I have to write things down because if I don't I'm not holding myself accountable. With that being said 23 is MY year and I want more. Less talking, more doing and keeping these three things in mind.


1. Less is more.

As I prepare to move, I realize I have too much junk and want to get to the point where I can live completely minimal. Pinterest has given me a lot of inspiration and as I'm hunting for decor it has become much more necessary. There are tons of Minimalism Challenges out now and I plan on taking on a few. My goal is to live simple, intentionally and focus on a clean space — exactly what I need right now.

2. Stay consistent.

I've used the term digital creative to describe myself amongst various platforms, but I've been slacking lately. One of my primary goals is to be creative, consistently. I see the drive other millennials have and I need to stay focused and consistent. Since I've started my new job, my creativity has been limited and flowing into my personal space. Instead of allowing this, I'm excited to channel all this positivity into my channel, my blog and other projects.


3. Learn "Adulting". 

Whatever this means. Well thanks to Urban Dictionary, I’ve realized that I’m not the best at this ‘adulting’ thing.

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

To me, being an adult is accomplishing the big task, independently. Mainly being financially responsible and able to understand work/life balance. I've been getting into understanding the monetary value of everything and the importance of a budget. I have to do better at keeping up with the basics.


So here's to 23! What are your goals/hopes/wishes?