There’s Beauty in Starting Over

There’s Beauty in Starting Over |  Being online exposes you to a lot and sometimes it can be hard to shift your brand. My long awaited comeback has seen about 4-5 setbacks since I’ve begun this journey. I’ve been raeesspace, raeeology and even raee (although you’re free to call me the latter). Now its just simply

I’ve been off/on with social media since about 2010. We have that type of relationship where sometimes I’m there and others I want to disconnect. At first, I started this journey as a natural hair and lifestyle blogger. I would post product reviews, occasional rants and give brief descriptions of what methods I used for my hair and attempt to follow the latest trends. It was superficial – I was superficial.

Being superficial in an over saturated industry can take a toll on you. It's like you are no longer writing for yourself, instead you're writing what you think people want to read. Unfortunately, that was the problem I was thinking too hard about what people wanted to see instead of just being real. Don't get me wrong I love natural hair and the topics I first began to write about, but I want to represent more.

Everything was pointing me in the direction of being intentional about my platform and provide a purpose - I mean this was my goal in the beginning.  I’m a big “pay attention to the signs” type of girl and this whole change came with other transitions I had going on at the time. My blogging journey has been full of transitions, literally. I've grown from the high school girl who was too shy to write to someone who becomes passionate with a pen (figuratively speaking). This is the woman who has always been here, just too afraid to show it.

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In some ways one could say that I was inspired by Nasty Gals own Sophia Amuroso’s method of happiness. I won’t go into detail, but to chop it up you make symbols from letters. While I don’t quite have symbols to represent me, I have my name. To me, there is so much power in it: used to define you, your brand or even things that excite you;  I’m running with that.


So, here I am officially, shamelessly and as authentic as can be.