October Favorites

October Favorites | A few of my favorite things from this month.

No. 1 // Rose Gold

From jewelry to technology, rose gold is trending again. Its not quite gold and not quite rose, but has the perfect balance for a minimalistic look. If you want a deeper look into the rose gold theme, check out this article.

No. 2 //Adele

HELLO, enough said. No, really she released a new track, video and I'm hooked. I can't stop pressing play. According to Adele, this new album is different from those before because she's in a different place in her life. "25 isn't 21" I can definitely relate. November 20th can't come soon enough.

No. 3 // White Space

This post is everything I aspire to have in my apartment. White EVERYWHERE with subtle tones of black and beige. My current room has black accents, but I plan on posting a room makeover sometime soon, stay tuned.

No. 4 // Ankle Booties

I love fall, mostly because shoes like these are trending and getting better every year! H&M has been doing so many amazing things this year (surprise post coming soon!) and I couldn't be happier. Fashion is always something I've been interested in, but never really expressed myself. I will definitely be rocking these and soon!

No. 5 // Skeleton collar tips

I NEED these in my life. I mentioned them before in my Halloween costume post and couldn't get enough. As always, ASOS never disappoints and these skeleton collar tips are a must have. I usually opt for gold tips, but silver will do.


What are some things you're loving this month?