It's Official I'm a College Graduate


It's Official I'm a College Graduate

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In retrospect I have been in the presence of so many amazing people and experienced so many opportunities; the feeling is bittersweet.

I've grown.

I studied abroad.

I partied hard and sometimes not at all.

I visited other universities across the USA and made friends.

Had the opportunity to present a project at a National Conference.



This final semester was a little challenging, but I made Dean's List! Plus my mind was more on searching for job opportunities. School was so difficult at times, but I'm glad that all my hard work paid off. When the big day came, I was anxious. My family and close friends flew and drove into town to be with me on my special day; I realized how much love I am surrounded by (shout outs to my best friend, Chelsea, who came into town from Maryland).

Unfortunately the actual ceremony was very dull. The speaker (there to inspire us to conquer the world) missed his mark and left right after. The actual walk across the stage went by all too fast, as soon as it was over I wanted a re-do! The celebrations that followed the ceremony were even better. I had a dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant; my family, close friends and sibling's friends came and showed a lot of love. I was soaking in every moment. Later that night was spent partying and followed by a breakfast brunch at Einsteins.

Overall, my experience was an amazing one and I wouldn't change it.


So here's to us, Congrats Grads!