November Favorites

November Favorites | A few of my favorite things from this past month. Its that time again! My monthly favorites post and Thanksgiving is not included (that would have been too cliche) Besides my slight holiday obsession I enjoyed a lot of things this month.

1. Fish & Shrimp Tacos

As a college student money is tight, but that doesn't mean my meals have to be terrible. I've been experimenting with a few ingredients in my apartment and made these delicious fish and shrimp tacos with rice and veggies. I was inspired by this recipe. Tacos have hands down become my favorite go to meal.

2. Jesse Glynne

She has the deep and soulful sound that reminds me of old and new sound. She's' gorgeous too. I'll let you see for yourself, watch this.

3. Cherry Sherbet. Check out the recipe here.

4. Just My Type.

Its a book about Fonts, literally. By now you understand my obsession with typography and this book explains it all.

5. Collage Festival.

This is an annual event, this photo is by one of my favorite artist. I wrote about this event in my previous post.