21 Things To Do Before 25: Part Two

21 Things To Do Before 25 | A somewhat realistic list of things I'd like to do before I turn 25. Take a look over on the blog. I started a list of twenty-one things I wanted to accomplish before I turn twenty-five. Check out part one here.

6. Get to know my siblings.

I am the eldest of four. With that being said, its been hard to really establish a relationship with my younger siblings. We have a good relationship, but not one with as much depth. It's hard when you're twenty something and trying to get to know a ten year old. As they age, I'd love to get to know them more: their likes, dislikes and everything in-between.

7. Skydive.

This is just one of those things I've always thought of and wanted to do. Not much explanation needed, but something I just really want to do.

8. Read 50 books.

Looks like I'll need to read 10 books a year. Currently I'm reading The Goal, Life of Pi and Gone Girl. I haven't gotten past chapter one on any of them. Its not that they aren't good reads everything else has just been occupying my time.

9. Balance finances.

Broke college student, check. Monthly rent, check. Monthly bills, check. While I am fortunate to have parents who help me out every now and then it has been extremely hard for me to maintain and save my money. It's not even that I love spending, I'm just always making impulsive purchases. If anyone has tips or advice, I'd love to hear them!

10. Learn calligraphy.

I love love love calligraphy and typography, I have a slight obsession. I even have a book based on typography (great read btw). I'm not sure what it is, but I love the creation of fonts, types and symbols. They're just interesting to me. Probably another reason I'd like to learn a language like Chinese (specifically Mandarin).