21 Things To Do Before 25

21 Things To Do Before 25 | A somewhat realistic list of things I'd like to do before I turn 25. Take a look over on the blog.

Between school, work and my internship it seems easier to get caught up in my everyday schedule. I'm tired of "everyday" living and want to experience the most that I can while I can. I recently turned 21 in July, that is still recent, right? Any who, a lot of exciting things are happening for me and I have a lot of exciting things planned. So I've decided to do this three part series of twenty-one things I want to do before I'm twenty-five.

1. Get another degree and/or job.

While it is true that I am still an undergrad (6 months until I reach the finish line, yay! ) I would like to have something more at some point. I’d like to be in another state—which means I’ll need a definite idea of what I want to do at that point. As far as a job goes, I'm not sure which direction I want to go, but something in Marketing and/or design.

2. Take more photos.

I barely take any pictures and have never been that person who takes so many pictures they forget the moment they are in. At the same time I've gotten so many opportunities to do a lot of great things, but didn't get a chance to document them. For those that I did, I'll have a post up soon.

travel-london travel-london

3. Learn another language or two and speak them fluently.

Now I know that in high school many of us had to the option of Spanish or French. I never really thought much of it, but I should've appreciated it more. Surprisingly, Spanish stuck with me and I can actually understand it pretty well (not many people know this). I'd like to learn more fluently and maybe take up Italian (the languages are very similar).

4. Attend a "Taste of" Event.

So every city in every state has these awesome "Taste of" Events. In particular I've been watching for the "Taste of Atlanta" which I just missed, btw. They feature local vendors and some even have local artist. I love food and festivals and the "Taste of" has them both! If you're looking for more inexpensive events similar to these try going to farmer's market events. I attended one in Covina, CA this past summer and had the best ceviche in the world.

5. Get my first apartment on my own. With age comes more responsibilities, right?

*UPDATE* I realize I've already accomplished this (welp). I've been in my own apartment for the past six months now its in a college town, but apartment nonetheless. For me, this is a big accomplishment: saving for rent every month, dealing with overages and all that awesome stuff. Maybe I'll write a post on my experiences here and what it takes to find a good place before signing your lease.