meet RAVEN

Hi, I'm Raven, the creative and blogger behind hellorven based in Atlanta. I decided to start hellorven in 2014 as a beauty blog to fuel my interest in natural hair, skincare and style.

As my blog grew, I grew along with it and started sharing life beyond beauty tips, and my interest in design and building websites.

I love to cook (and eat) just about anything. Shea butter, basic tees, photography and new tech make my heart smile. I write about my constantly evolving creative process, all things beauty, wellness and design. I also upload videos to my YouTube channel where I share these topics and more.

My mission is simple: to design a life I love and encourage others to do the same. I hope this online space offers you a dose of creative inspiration.


Email: hellorven@gmail.com
Social Media: @hellorven

Don't hesitate to reach out to me through email if you need advice, looking to collaborate or just talk.




+ When did you start your blog?

I started this blog in 2014 - around the summer before my senior year of college. Can you believe I'll hit 5 years in July 2019!

+ Do you have any advice on starting a blog?

My advice is simple: get clear about your goals, know your voice and just start. This is so important because it’s easy to fall into what everyone else is doing. The market is saturated with other bloggers - what sets you apart? What do you actually enjoy blogging about? Find that thing and own it. If you're curious about how to start a blog, check out my post here.

+ Do you take all of your photos?

Some of them I take myself, but in the past few years I’ve hired professional photographers for a lot of my photography. The photographer is always credited in the post and I always style the images myself. I also use a few stock photo websites, which are also always credited.

+ Why Did You Switch From Wordpress To Squarespace?

While I love Wordpress and still continue to work with clients through that platform, I needed something that would help me showcase my design work. Squarespace was this for me - customization was easy for me after understanding the basics.

+ Who are some of your inspirations?

I follow a few people within different mediums - mostly illustration. A few of my favorites are: Jade Purple Brown, Janice Sung, Laci Jordan, Marrica Evans, Munirah Safiyah Jones and Temi Coker.

+ Any goals for the new year?

Setting goals is a constant for me - being consistent is where I struggle. My main goal is to produce more work within different mediums. I'd also love to collaborate with a few of my favorite brands and people. I think starting my online shop and selling prints would be dope too.